Sunday, October 24, 2010


General FAQs!

Q: Do I need a trial run for my wedding/prom/bridals makeup?
A: While not necessary, a trial run is certainly recommended so that we can take a bit of the stress out of the big day for you- and it is included in the price, so why not?

Q: What happens in a trial run, and how long is it?
A: A trial run is usually no more than an hour. In that hour, we match your foundation, figure out what kind of "look" you desire, and discuss any other expectations you may have.

Q: I don't wear a lot of makeup. I want to look beautiful for my wedding, but I also want to look like myself- is this possible?
A: Absolutely! Makeup is not meant to be a mask or to make you look like an alien version of yourself- it should be used to enhance your best features! Before your wedding day, we will create a customized look for you to make you feel beautiful on the big day.

Q: Are you an esthetician? Can you do a facial during my consultation?
A: At this time, I am not a licensed esthetician, and do not offer any such services during a consultation.

Q: Are you a representative for any brand of makeup?
A: No. I do not sell any products during my consultations. While I may recommend brand-name products, I do not receive any sort of compensation for doing so.

Q: What brand of makeup do you use?
A: I use MAC Cosmetics for most of my cosmetic needs; However, during consultations, I often recommend products from both drugstore and higher-end brands.

Q: How long does a makeup application for a bride usually take?
A: The time depends, but plan for 1-1.5 hours.

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  1. its very interesting to know the life of a makeup artist, i find your job sooo cool!